This Past Week in Summary

Not much has happened this week in my lifting, due to one particular problem:  I injured myself early on this week.  My schedule has typically been, Monday for Quads and Calves, Tuesday for Chest and Shoulders, Wednesday off, Thursday for  Hamstrings and posterior chain, Friday for Upper back/biceps, with weekends off.  I’ve been doing five sets of five with most exercises, using almost exclusively big, multi-joint movements (squat, deadlift, bench, overhead press, rows, etc.), upping the weight by 10 pounds each week on the big movements.  I also walk about 4-5 miles each night on the road since I live in the country and there aren’t many cars.

I’ve been seeing big improvements with this over my past records.  At one time I had a 1 RM max on the decline press of somewhere around 175 lbs, but recently, with the plateau I hit, things in most exercises started to go downhill.  My max dropped to 165.  Tuesday I was doing this press, five sets of five, for 165.  Big improvement.  One small problem though, something popped in my shoulder in the last few reps,  I was left able to do overhead pressing movements and lateral raise movements easily, but any type of raise to the front, caused sharp pain to go through my shoulder.  For those of you who are delusional, no, it didn’t feel good at all.  I couldn’t raise my arm over a few inches from resting in the front of my body, this left me unable to perform my Thursday and Friday workouts.

One good thing about this experience, it has once again taught me the importance of getting in a good warm-up, and good  stretching habits.  Today my shoulder feels perfectly fine again, I’ve been icing it when home from work, and our fitness director (who’s real passion is rehab work) taught me some good dynamic stretches that helped to keep things loose.

I start things over again on Monday, we’ll see how things go then.  I’ve learned some lessons this week, as I’m sure to learn more in weeks to come.  Feel free to post any lessons you’ve learned the hard way in the comments section, I’d love to hear your stories.


~ by sp0rus on August 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “This Past Week in Summary”

  1. If your max dropped on the decline press, do a deload. 10% less weight & gradually increase the weight weekly, might work.

    Shoulder injuries are no fun. Do some rehab exercises:
    -band pull aparts
    -behind neck band pulldowns
    -scap pushups

    Learning to deal with injuries is the door to success. Good luck.

  2. Thanks Mehdi, my max did drop, but I’ve got it back up now above where I was. I basically did the deload thing, but didn’t know at the time that was what I was doing. And I’ll give those rehab exercises a try, my shoulder’s mostly fine now, just a twinge every now and then if I twist the wrong way.

  3. You’re a real deep thkneir. Thanks for sharing.

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