Tuesday Workout and What Happened Yesterday

Today I decided to take my buddy Josh with me to the gym.  He’s had little-none experience lifting, and technique is turning out to be a struggle for him.  I hadn’t hung out with him in a while though, and I wanted a workout partner, so he fit the bill.

Here’s what the workout consisted of:

 5×5 Overhead Press – 85 lbs.

5×5 Incline Bench Press –  95 lbs.

5×5 Lateral Raises – 15 lb dumbbells.

5×5 Rear Delt Machine – 115 lbs.

I probably could have gone heavier on the Incline Bench, but I haven’t done it in a long time, so I wasn’t in any rush.  The overhead press became extremely difficult the last few reps, and I was unable to complete the last set, I only got 2 reps in before I had to use a small knee action to get it started, I’ll attempt this weight again next week, then decide what I need to do about it.  I’m not a big fan of smaller isolation movements, but the last two exercises were added, just because I never seem to feel like I’ve done that well on the whole shoulder with just presses.

In retrospect, it seems the workout was a little heavy on shoulder work, with not much in the way of chest work, I’ll probably end up doing some explosive push-ups tonight at home.

Yesterday was supposed to be a quad heavy day, but between work, errands, and a function at the school, I couldn’t fit in the workout I wanted.  I got a pretty good work from carrying two 44 lb dog food bags around and out of the store (I don’t believe in carts when I can carry the items).  What made it interesting:  I ended up parking about as far away as possible without thinking about it.  Then after the school function, I ended up carrying a ton of chairs to put them up out of the gym.  Wasn’t quite the workout I was looking for, but I did get something out of it, and I ended up helping people at the same time.


~ by sp0rus on August 7, 2007.

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