Sorry about the lapse in posts

I’ve been meaning to post, truly, I have.  What finally pushed me to get another post out was yet another link from my friend Mehdi at Stronglifts.  If he’s going to help me out and give me publicity, I feel I should actually post things.  Also, I’ve worked out since the last time I posted, but I haven’t trained with anything other than bodyweight exercises this past week, because I’ve had so much going on.  Yes, I know that’s a weak excuse, but my choices were not enough sleep and getting my training done, or getting sleep and not training.  That’s pretty much how it went.  I had accumulated a lot of fatigue the past few weeks, having just jumped right in to having four high-intensity days or more a week, compared to the 2-3 I had in the past, those not even comparing in intensity to what I’ve been doing lately.  Thinking about it though, I’ve decided to rethink my training for the next few weeks and see how it goes, just because I think this fits my goals more.

The plan is to basically do a push-pull split, with days focused on hypertrophy and fat loss, and days focused on strength.  The plan is to do a less CNS intensive bodybuilding style pull training on Mondays, and the same type of push training on Fridays.  Heavier weight, lower rep, strength-focused push training on Tuesdays, with pull being on Thursdays.  Big lifts that leave me lacking for a few days like squats will be rotated each week into either a lighter day or a heavy day each week for the first few weeks, and gradually build up to doing them or variations on both of the days, after seeing how it will affect me.

Since my goals are for increased strength, but also to lose fat and get bigger, I feel this type of training will benefit me a bit more than what I was doing before.  Also, what I was doing before turned more into a “go in and wing-it” style of training.

In addition to this, I’ve decided to expand on my blogging a bit and add an extra post in at least every few days either showing something interesting I’ve found on the web, something I’ve learned and think will help others, or just something random, to keep things interesting.  So, keep reading, and I promise things will get better.


~ by sp0rus on September 9, 2007.

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