New Training

Instead of using my own training routine, which was cool for a while, I’m going to be using one from T-Nation. My routine was hard to keep to, wasn’t consistent, and I just didn’t really know enough while going about trying to make it up.

The routine I’m going to be using for a while is Blending Size and Strength, Version 2.0 created by Dr. Clay Hyght. My first day of using it was today, and it felt great. It’s a much better split than what I tried to do, and I feel much more worked than I have in a long time without doing squats or deadlifts (which will be coming up in the next few days). I went early this morning, and I’ve gotta say, I’ve never been this sore so short a time after a workout before. You can find the workout here.

Anyways, here’s how today went:

A1: Barbell bench press 6×3 – 165 lbs.

A2: T-bar row 6×3 – 90 lbs.

(had to do the C exercises before the B exercises, because the barbell I needed for overhead press in the cage was already being used)

C1: Skullcrusher 3×5 – 55 lbs.

C2: Barbell curl 3×5 – 55 lbs.

B1: Standing barbell shoulder press 5×5 – 75 lbs.

B2: Pull-Up 5×5 – assisted with 40 pounds


I’ll probably switch to doing a bent-over barbell row for my rowing exercise on most weeks.

I can’t do many pull-ups at all (maybe 4-5) and using that much assistance was the only way I could get that many done. Used the assisted pull-up machine at my gym, could feel it a lot more than when I use the pulldown machine.

Doing the C exercises first hurt my performance on the B exercises, so I’ll try not to have to do that again, I just wasn’t prepared for changes today.

I used a reverse grip on the barbell curl, and both it and the skullcrusher were done using an EZ-curl bar. Won’t use reverse grip next time.

On weights, the exercises that will go up the most next week will be overhead press and barbell curl, as I was able to complete all sets and reps without struggle at all, so I probably could have gone heavier, just wasn’t sure. Could have done more on bench, but that was all I was comfortable with for now, as I did it without a spotter (my max is 185, so I’m not too disappointed).

My lats are the weak point on my pull-ups, and they’re extremely sore right now. Not really sure how long it will be until I can do the 5×5 on my own, but once I get there I plan on adding more resistance. Could be a while.

More tomorrow about things, if anybody has any comments on today’s workout, feel free.


~ by sp0rus on November 19, 2007.

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