Starting Over

So, things sort of went to the wayside there.  I stopped training seriously for a while, stopped eating right, and pretty much everything else I need to do to stay fit.  I’ve decided to start over now, and I have a pre-new year’s revolution to try and keep to these things and improve myself as much as I can until then.

I’m going to start over with this blog too, and send it in new directions, as my training right now isn’t just my lifting.  I’m in high school, everything I do is training for college and training for life.  Due to this, I’m going to talk about other things relating to my life, with the hopes of helping other people like me out as they can learn from my mistakes.

Hope this ends up being a good decision, and I’ll need all the support I can get, so any ideas anyone can give would be awesome.



~ by sp0rus on November 19, 2007.

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