So, today (by my clock, apparently not WordPress’s) the 28th of November, was my birthday.  I tried to keep this on the down-low because birthday’s aren’t really my thing.  In my opinion, they’re great when you’re younger, but there isn’t really a new feeling nowadays that comes with them, so why make everyone treat you different than they normally would.

I recieved about $185 in monetary gifts, including gift cards.  By far the biggest and best gifts though were a life membership to the National Rifle Association, and my parents paying for my high school class ring.  The ring isn’t anything special, because it’s just high school, but it looks cool nonetheless.  The life membership to the NRA is something I’ve wanted for a while though, as I’m an avid target shooter.

I was trying to decide what would be best to do with the money, as it’s just going to be in my checking account right now.  My thoughts are to just go ahead and put them in savings, as if this were another month I wouldn’t have gotten this money in the first place, so why not put it somewhere so I’m not going to be tempted to spend it.

This provides the perfect opportunity for me to give myself a present, in opening a high-yield online savings account, to get better interest than what I currently get in my brick-and-mortar bank.  I’ve done a lot of reading on this lately, and I think for now I’m going to go with ING Direct, as I can get a $25 bonus, and I’ve heard almost exclusively good reviews of them.  Later I might consider putting the money in a higher interest account, but for now, getting this much more interest than what I am getting now would be a huge difference.


~ by sp0rus on November 28, 2007.

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