New Training

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Instead of using my own training routine, which was cool for a while, I’m going to be using one from T-Nation. My routine was hard to keep to, wasn’t consistent, and I just didn’t really know enough while going about trying to make it up.

The routine I’m going to be using for a while is Blending Size and Strength, Version 2.0 created by Dr. Clay Hyght. My first day of using it was today, and it felt great. It’s a much better split than what I tried to do, and I feel much more worked than I have in a long time without doing squats or deadlifts (which will be coming up in the next few days). I went early this morning, and I’ve gotta say, I’ve never been this sore so short a time after a workout before. You can find the workout here.

Anyways, here’s how today went:

A1: Barbell bench press 6×3 – 165 lbs.

A2: T-bar row 6×3 – 90 lbs.

(had to do the C exercises before the B exercises, because the barbell I needed for overhead press in the cage was already being used)

C1: Skullcrusher 3×5 – 55 lbs.

C2: Barbell curl 3×5 – 55 lbs.

B1: Standing barbell shoulder press 5×5 – 75 lbs.

B2: Pull-Up 5×5 – assisted with 40 pounds


I’ll probably switch to doing a bent-over barbell row for my rowing exercise on most weeks.

I can’t do many pull-ups at all (maybe 4-5) and using that much assistance was the only way I could get that many done. Used the assisted pull-up machine at my gym, could feel it a lot more than when I use the pulldown machine.

Doing the C exercises first hurt my performance on the B exercises, so I’ll try not to have to do that again, I just wasn’t prepared for changes today.

I used a reverse grip on the barbell curl, and both it and the skullcrusher were done using an EZ-curl bar. Won’t use reverse grip next time.

On weights, the exercises that will go up the most next week will be overhead press and barbell curl, as I was able to complete all sets and reps without struggle at all, so I probably could have gone heavier, just wasn’t sure. Could have done more on bench, but that was all I was comfortable with for now, as I did it without a spotter (my max is 185, so I’m not too disappointed).

My lats are the weak point on my pull-ups, and they’re extremely sore right now. Not really sure how long it will be until I can do the 5×5 on my own, but once I get there I plan on adding more resistance. Could be a while.

More tomorrow about things, if anybody has any comments on today’s workout, feel free.


Starting Over

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So, things sort of went to the wayside there.  I stopped training seriously for a while, stopped eating right, and pretty much everything else I need to do to stay fit.  I’ve decided to start over now, and I have a pre-new year’s revolution to try and keep to these things and improve myself as much as I can until then.

I’m going to start over with this blog too, and send it in new directions, as my training right now isn’t just my lifting.  I’m in high school, everything I do is training for college and training for life.  Due to this, I’m going to talk about other things relating to my life, with the hopes of helping other people like me out as they can learn from my mistakes.

Hope this ends up being a good decision, and I’ll need all the support I can get, so any ideas anyone can give would be awesome.


Monday Workout

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Deadlift: 5×5 @ 225 lbs.

Pull-Ups: 4×5 @ bodyweight

Bent-Over Barbell Row: 4×8 @ 55 lbs.

Dumbbell Shrugs: 5×5 @ 55 lbs. dumbbells

I didn’t post my last two weeks workouts because I was experimenting, and wasn’t in there consistently.  Probably should have posted them, but didn’t get around to it.  My weight on the Bent-Over Barbell Row is low because I’ve just started the movement, my second workout trying it actually, and i like it much more than T-Bar Rows, it’s just going to take some getting used to.  Luckily, before my workout, I checked T-Nation, and today’s article happened to be about rows.  Check it out here.  Another great post is by Mehdi, on how to perform them.  Read it here.

This Week in Summary

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Deadlift: 4×10 @ 135 lbs

Bent-Over Row: 4×10 @ 65 lbs

Dumbbell Shrugs: 4×10 @ 25 lb dumbbells

EZ Bar Curl: 2×10 @ 65 lbs

Pull-ups: 3×3 @ bodyweight


Bench Press: 5×5 @ 150 lbs

Incline Bench: 5×5 @ 115 lbs

Squat: 5×5 @ 145 lbs


Deadlift: 8×3 @ 205

Dual-Pulley Row: 6×4 @ 47.5 lbs

Face Pulls: 6×4 @ 35 lbs

Curls: 3×5 @ 85 lbs


Bench Press: 4×10 @ 115 lbs

Incline Bench: 4×8 @ 85 lbs

Squats: 4×10 @ 115 lbs

Sorry about the lapse in posts

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I’ve been meaning to post, truly, I have.  What finally pushed me to get another post out was yet another link from my friend Mehdi at Stronglifts.  If he’s going to help me out and give me publicity, I feel I should actually post things.  Also, I’ve worked out since the last time I posted, but I haven’t trained with anything other than bodyweight exercises this past week, because I’ve had so much going on.  Yes, I know that’s a weak excuse, but my choices were not enough sleep and getting my training done, or getting sleep and not training.  That’s pretty much how it went.  I had accumulated a lot of fatigue the past few weeks, having just jumped right in to having four high-intensity days or more a week, compared to the 2-3 I had in the past, those not even comparing in intensity to what I’ve been doing lately.  Thinking about it though, I’ve decided to rethink my training for the next few weeks and see how it goes, just because I think this fits my goals more.

The plan is to basically do a push-pull split, with days focused on hypertrophy and fat loss, and days focused on strength.  The plan is to do a less CNS intensive bodybuilding style pull training on Mondays, and the same type of push training on Fridays.  Heavier weight, lower rep, strength-focused push training on Tuesdays, with pull being on Thursdays.  Big lifts that leave me lacking for a few days like squats will be rotated each week into either a lighter day or a heavy day each week for the first few weeks, and gradually build up to doing them or variations on both of the days, after seeing how it will affect me.

Since my goals are for increased strength, but also to lose fat and get bigger, I feel this type of training will benefit me a bit more than what I was doing before.  Also, what I was doing before turned more into a “go in and wing-it” style of training.

In addition to this, I’ve decided to expand on my blogging a bit and add an extra post in at least every few days either showing something interesting I’ve found on the web, something I’ve learned and think will help others, or just something random, to keep things interesting.  So, keep reading, and I promise things will get better.

Workout Post #3

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Here’s the lowdown on Friday’s workout:

5×8 Face Pulls – 27.5 lbs

5×6 T-Bar Row – 70 lbs.

2×5 Pull-ups

5 Chin-ups

5 Chins with perpendicular grip

5×5 Deadlift – 185 lbs.

5×8 Overhead Shrugs – 105 lbs.

Workout Post #2

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Last thursday I did go in for my workout, and did lats, biceps, traps, lower back, hamstrings.  Basically combined my thursday and friday workouts into one.  I don’t remember my exact stats, except that I pulled 175 in deadlift for 5×5.

Monday I went in and did 5×5 squats below parallel with 135 lbs.  That’s all I had time for, but I used a slow tempo, and a pause at the bottom, and felt it the next day.

I moved tuesday’s workout to today, and here’s how that went:

5×5 Overhead press – 85 lbs.

5×5 Incline press – 105 lbs.

5×10 dumbbell squeeze press (5 reps with dumbbells parallel to me, 5 perpendicular) – 25 lbs. db’s

2×10 Tricep pushdown – 50 lbs.

5×5 incline lateral raises – 15 lbs. db’s

I pulled off the Overhead presses this time without any trouble at all, not sure if it was tips from Mehdi, or if my shoulders just got stronger, probably a combination of both, with a lot of kudos to his posts on the subject.  In addition, I added 10 pounds to the incline press (still getting used to the motion, but it’s coming back).  All in all, I think this was a better rounded program for the muscles I was trying to hit, but it still needs a little tweaking.